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  • October 13, 2023
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If you are an IT developer, DevOps is something you abide by. It is like a Poseidon’s Trident. But if you belong to a non-IT sector and are keen to make your organization digitally upgraded, DevOps is all you need. For that, you need to get in touch with the best DevOps consulting in Toronto. But first, let’s understand what is DevOps.

What is DevOps

DevOps is a consolidation of the terms “development” and “operations”. Primarily, it revolves around the philosophy of better communication and execution among the team in the organization. In the IT sector, DevOps practices enable software to deliver tasks by accelerating the iterative steps. It leaves behind the traditional approach to interacting with clients and thus, helps businesses to connect to clients digitally, what we call- online services. The market size of DevOps is estimated to be $10.4 billion. DevOps follows the approach to deliver the applications smoothly and iteratively, and helps you to increase efficiency and build a collaborative environment at all segments. It enables users to experience better customer service and stand out in the competitive market.

What are the DevOps Phases?

DevOps goes through 4 Phases: Plan, Develop, Deliver and operate. These phases are co-dependent i.e., each phase can only work if other phases are working. These phases are not role-specified as they are interlinked to each other.

What is the Lifecycle of DevOps

DevOps is a constant practice that blends the development and operational team from the primary to the final stage to deliver applications ceaselessly. The Lifecycle of DevOps is:

  1. Development
  2. Integration
  3. Testing
  4. Monitoring
  5. Feedback
  6. Deployment
  7. Operations
What is Lifecycle of DevOps - Best DevOps Consultancy in Toronto

DevOps lifecycle is a continuous process and is often called the 7C’s of DevOps. The best DevOps consulting in Toronto abides by these 7C’s to achieve their desired goal.

What tools are used in DevOps

DevOps is a broad spectrum that uses various tools to make the execution of the application fast and efficient. These tools help the applications to function on multiple platforms. Here is the list of the best tools to learn DevOps:

Best Tools to Learn DevOps
  1. Puppet
    1. It is the most used tool by DevOps as it allows the delivery of the application quickly with the changes. It helps to manage the infrastructure as a whole without increasing the team.
    2. Salient features:
      1. Real-time context reporting
      2. Management of the infrastructure
      3. Delivery of the software quickly
  2. Ansible
    1. Ansible is the best DevOps tool. It is an open-source IT engine that motorizes the deployment of the machine, cloud provisioning, intra-service orchestration and other various IT tools.
    2. Ansible does not use any agents or custom security on the customer side by pushing modules to the customer side. These modules are executed on the customer side and the output is pushed back to the Ansible server.
    3. Salient features:
      1. Easy access to open source deploy application
      2. Decreases complexity of software development
      3. Elimination of monotonous tasks
  3. Docker
    1. Docker allows us to build, deliver and function applications on multiple systems. It is most suitable for container management as it gathers the applications quickly from the components.
    2. Salient features:
      1. Configuration of the system faster.
      2. Provides containers in a siloed environment

Check out this video to understand how to select the right DevOps for your business.

Scope of DevOps

DevOps is the new future of the IT sector as it is growing rapidly and more and more organizations are adopting DevOps in their businesses. According to a study, the market of DevOps expanded by $ 4 billion in 2019. Researchers expect DevOps to grow by approximately 20% CAGR in the years 2020-2026.

Scope of DevOps - Best DevOps Consulting in Toronto

The demand for DevOps has increased significantly in the corporate world and DevOps consulting in Toronto is growing day by day. This increase in demand is because DevOps provides space to avoid the repetitive tasks done by the employees and focus on the tasks that are important, thus increasing efficiency. DevOps also helps to cut extra costs as the software replaces the manpower utilized and time consumed in the tedious tasks. According to Gartner, by 2025, 95% of companies will adopt a cloud computing strategy.

Best DevOps consulting in Toronto  is one of the best DevOps consulting in Toronto. It aims to generate new revenue increase efficiency and enhance the user experience.

Services provided:

      1. CI/CD
      2. Containerization
      3. Databases
      4. DevOps on Demand
      5. Infrastructure as Code
      6. Migration
      7. Orchestration

Location: 675 King Street West, Suit 301, Toronto, ON


VaST ITES is the best DevOps consulting in Toronto. They aim to provide DevOps services to revolutionize the IT process. Their goal is to improve productivity, teamwork and overall management of the organization. They are known for their perplexing customer services. Keeping in mind the difficulties faced by organizations they vision to provide high-end IT solutions to generate increased revenues.

Services provided:

      1. Platform Engineering Services
      2. Integrated DevSecOps Services
      3. DevOps Containerization Services
      4. End-to-End Logging & Monitoring Services
      5. Data Migration Solution and Service
      6. AWS Services
      7. Azure Services
      8. GCP Services
      9. Cloud Foundry Services
      10. VMware DevOps
      11. Migrate on-premise infra to the cloud

Location: 2204 Kennedy Rd, Toronto, ON


NCPL is known for automating end-to-end pipelines across various environments and also increasing efficiency with reduced costs.

Services provided:

      1. DevOps Consulting
      2. Data Analysis
      3. Data Engineering
      4. Data and security
      5. Containerization
      6. Virtualization
      7. Cloud Strategy Development

Location: 250 Yonge St, Suite 2201, Toronto, ON

Our Key Takeaway

DevOps is an emerging market in the IT sector. From everything being on the digital platform, it helps to ease the execution process by integrating Development and Operations. It is becoming necessary for companies, especially in the IT industry, to adopt DevOps for their company to achieve their desired goals. I would recommend you explore the best DevOps consulting in Toronto and research on them before adopting DevOps. DevOps is like a deep sea, you explore more when you go deeper.

If you are a business organization and want to know more about DevOps and other web development services, contact us.

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